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Be part of the adventure and discover Malangdo!
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 Be part of the adventure and discover Malangdo!

Ambitious group of cats, calling themselves the 'Cat Paw Merchant Association', have set sail from their homeland in an attempt to make profit in a foreign land...

04/03/2014 Read more

 Cats Are Back!

Cats are back, and they are hungry!Someone did throw some fish eggs in the Prontera fountain during winter, and now that spring has come, they have gr...

03/27/2014 Read more

 Will you be up to the Bossnia challenge?

Do you think you know Rune Midgard like the back of your hand? That there is no more mysteries to unveil ? That it doesn’t have any more challenges to off...

03/06/2014 Read more

 Carnival Time!

Adventurers,As you probably already know, it's carnival time!So how about putting on your best costume for a few days in order to be the prettiest player in Pro...

02/27/2014 Read more

 The jealousy of Orc Lady

Here it comes: the hugs, poetry and love season that any woman enjoys! After all, don’t be so sure! There are rumors about a woman who hates Valentine...

02/13/2014 Read more

 Convert your miles in Alliance Points!

Dear adventurers, You are waiting for a while to know what happened to your miles.. We were working hard on it since we integrated the iShop ingame. This is n...

01/16/2014 Read more

 Be part of a new adventure and discover Port Malaya!

  This letter has been spread around the towns of Rune Midgard, which details the strange discovery of a fishing vessel's crew. They had become lost and h...

01/09/2014 Read more

 Live Stream RWC 2013!

Adventurers !As you may know the RWC 2013 is taking place from November 23rd to November 24th in Tokyo!For those of you who would like to follow the fight in li...

11/20/2013 Read more

 This week, enjoy Triple XP!

You find it hard to reach the highest level? So in the next week we will really help you in your character progression: from Thursday October 24th to Thur...

10/24/2013 Read more

 Ragnarök Online Coming Soon on Steam!

Adventurers,We are aware about your feedbacks and understood that you wanted us to work on players acquisition.And, this is now done!

10/24/2013 Read more

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